About the Groomer

Hi, I am Rita, owner, groomer and Pet lover of Precious Puppy Spa. I understand the importance that your pet plays in your life. It is my goal to provide a pleasant SPA experience for your pet and deliver a professional bath and haircut for your pooch. Anything less is not acceptable!

With over 15 years of experience, I know how important it is to listen to my customers. I have been formally trained to be capable of doing clips on all breeds of dogs and cats. I will always bring something unique to my customers no matter the breed, because they all have their own special beauty.

I attended the school of grooming in Boston, Massachusetts for 250 hours, where I was taught about all breeds, their personality, their descent. Soon after, I worked for 8 years grooming in the Boston area, where I truly developed as a groomer, with day-to-day knowledge and growing to love my “furry customers”.